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I'm working hard to create a new online gallery, where I'll share more of my paintings and more importantly the stories behind them. So check back often. In the meanwhile feel free to reach out and connect with me.

About ME

Lydia van Knijff

Travelling, discovering and experiencing new places is something I love to do. Immerse my senses in new experiences of experiencing, hearing, seeing and feeling. Discover and breathe beauty, but also find peace and Solitude. A place of rest and deepening, is precious in our fleeting society.

Also on canvas, I like to travel, through colours, structures, a mix of materials and techniques. A process of discovery, experience, deepening and freedom. I usually don’t know in advance what I’m going to make, so my compositions are often not thought out or sketched out in advance. Working intuitively is characteristic of my process.

It is during the “journey” on the canvas that I pause to reflect on a form or colour that has arisen, through which a theme, subject and the final destination emerge. Some of my paintings are created by a quick fleeting way of working. A kind of “speed painting”. Other works take more time and are a process of searching, discovering and of deeper “stirring” that come to the surface. Both processes are intuitive and often give insight to the mind afterwards and let (new) light shine on everyday life with its height and depth points, uncertainties and questions, small and large. Hope & Faith are also important themes during the journey

“Art with movement and life, that touches deeply the heart and causes the mind to ponder meditatively.”


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